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Video Game Tester Jobs 126 - May 2017

Lead QA Tester - PC Compatibility

Assists in leading a team in executing test plans on pre-release video games by verifying performance, usability / playability and compatibility. Must have an extraordinary attention to detail, be successful at Pod Leading and have a proven commitment to quality. Reports to a Senior QA Lead or QA Manager.

Video Game Tester Jobs 127 - May 2017

Software Test Engineer

A position for a Software Test Engineer is now open for a meticulously talented developer with a passion for quality assurance. You will interface with the Unity development team as well as customers to ensure functionality, stability, and usability of Unity as a tool and runtime platform.

Video Game Tester Jobs 128 - May 2017

Sr. Game Studio Manager

IGT is the leader in slot game development and is looking for a Game Studio Senior Manager to take this to a whole new level. The mission of the Lighthouse Studio is to build on the successful foundation of IGT’s 3rd Party Partner Program. The position is unique in that in requires close collaboration with 3rd parties, Content Management and the internal studio team ensuring alignment in expectations in support of IGT’s 3rd Party Partner Program.

Video Game Tester Jobs 129 - May 2017

Sr. Game Tester at Nelson

Looking for intelligent and highly motivated testers to test games and support applications. Ideal candidates must have strong technical skills, troubleshooting ability, communications skills, and a solid understanding of quality assurance.

Video Game Tester Jobs 130 - May 2017

Temporary Play Tester at id Software

With genre-defining blockbusters like Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and QUAKE, id has secured itself a place in gaming history for generations to come. Founded in 1991, id Software is responsible for some of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed video games of all time and continues to provide forward-thinking technical, design and artistic leadership in the gaming space. They developed the highly-anticipated DOOM, which released on May 13, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Video Game Tester Jobs 125 - May 2017

QA Tester-(Temporary)- Destiny

As a Quality Assurance Tester on the award-winning Destiny franchise you will be exhibiting excellence in problem solving and teamwork within a fast-paced creative environment. In 2016, Vicarious Visions celebrated its 25th year in the industry. Over the years, we have made hundreds of games, in every genre, on every conceivable game platform in the known universe. We are a studio that is built to last, and now we are embarking on a brand new chapter.

Video Game Tester Jobs 124 - May 2017

QA Tester at Wargaming

Do you have a passion for gaming? Do you enjoy pushing a game to its very limits? Wargaming Seattle is looking for highly motivated testers eager to work alongside our development team on our exciting new MMO project.

Video Game Tester Jobs 123 - May 2017

Production Assistant at KingsIsle Entertainment

KingsIsle Entertainment is currently looking for a Production Assistant to work on exciting and innovative games for PC, mobile and tablet devices. We are the creators of the popular and critically acclaimed Wizard101 and Pirate101, which together have garnered over 50 Million registered players to date, and are two of the fastest growing websites in the U.S. This is an opportunity to be a part of a rapidly growing and highly successful entertainment company.

Video Game Tester Jobs 122 - May 2017

QA Tester - Sledgehammer Games

The QA Tester role for Sledgehammer Games Studio will be working in a development QA environment and performing both grey box and black box testing techniques to identify quality bugs/issues efficiently and effectively.

Video Game Tester Jobs 121 - May 2017

Red Team Lead

The Red Team Lead position is a highly technical hands on role that plays a pivotal role in security risk management across EA. The mission of this role includes, but is not limited to, emulating advanced persistent threat (APT) and other sophisticated cyber attackers to perform internal/external attack testing, planning and coordinating attack campaigns involving EA pen testers from other teams to mimic known adversarial tactics