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VR QA Tester


Video Game Tester Jobs 66 - April 2017

Deluxe VR is looking for a QA Tester.

QA Tester who shares our passion for pushing creative limits and redefining expectations about Virtual Reality games. A successful candidate will have a passion for pushing the boundaries in exploring the mechanics and design of the VR experience.  


·       The ideal QA candidate should have a good understanding of how games are put together, and how every elements of a game come together as a whole to create an cohesive experience for a user.

·       A good experience in identifying gameplay, or engineering problems as a result of programming is highly desired.

·       A solid experience in recording and tracking those problems is also paramount.

·       Solid communication and presentation skill is highly essential.

·       Conflict resolution skill, and high level of concentration are also desired.

·       Most of all, must have a passion and desire to succeed in the VR/Game industry.

·       Must be available Monday through Fri for the full shift.

Additional Desired skill set:

·       Basic programming or working knowledge with Unreal Engine or Unity.

·       Understanding of content creation softwares: Maya, 3dsmax, V-ray, Zbrush, Substaince etc.


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