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Video Game Tester Jobs 148 - May 2017

Episode is a mobile storytelling network and platform created by Pocket Gems. Episode aims to define storytelling for the 2+ billion people on mobile with animated, interactive stories that are part TV, novel, movie, and mobile game. Since launching in 2014, users have viewed over 3 billion episodes (equivalent of ~57,000 years) across 57,000+ stories. Over 6 million storytellers have signed up to create their own stories, including award-winning screenwriters and published novelists. Episode also partners with major studios and industry stars to create stories such as Mean Girls: Senior Year, Demi Lovato: Path to Fame, and Pretty Little Liars.

How would you like to spend your day playing and testing mobile entertainment on the most popular mobile devices? Sounds pretty sweet, right?  We think so too!  As an Associate Test Lead at Pocket Gems, you’ll be part of the team pushing the mobile frontier: testing in the most responsive, polished and flexible entertainment environments. You’ll also be tackling exciting testing challenges on Episode: verifying continuously updated content, testing multiple stories, and helping create the best storytelling experience on mobile.  Work with engineers and designers who crave and appreciate each of your bugs - imagine that! And, you will have a seat at the table when designing and enhancing Episode - we love great ideas and don't care where they come from.


An ideal candidate would have:


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