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Lead Programmer inc Relocation & Bonus at Offworld Industries


Video Game Tester Jobs 175 - May 2017

We’re looking for talented software engineers with a teamwork oriented mindset. Primarily as a the Lead Programmer, your job will be to serve as a leader, mentor, and role model on our programming team. Good communication skills are a must. 

As a leader, you should be supportive of the members of the programming team, listening and responding to their ideas and concerns, while also assuming responsibility for anything programming related, and taking the initiative when you know something needs to get done. 

As a mentor, you should be able to recognize teaching opportunities for other programmers when they arise, and be willing to guide team members to successful outcomes, both inside and outside programming. 

As a role model, you should hold yourself to a high standard and be comfortable setting a good example for the other members of the team. 

Job Duties: 

Skills Requirements: 


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